Join Michael For A Series Of Life-Changing Moments

You are invited to be a part of a Life-Altering Series of 30-Minute Conference Calls covering UNLEASHED – the book’s chapters each week.

view the UNLEASHED: Calendar Page for more details.

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Do The Death Crawl For Your Future: Another Testimonial!

“Michael Deer has inspired me to never give up. He reminds me of the coach from, Facing The Giants when he made one of his most potential players do the death crawl across the field. The coach saw in that player what the player did not see in himself and all the coach did was reveal it and bring it out of him. To me that’s what’s happening every time we Continue reading “Do The Death Crawl For Your Future: Another Testimonial!”

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People Are Talking: Another Testimonial!

“When Michael Deer encourages me to aim for my dreams, I don’t feel discouraged, because he believes in me even though I have not attained them yet. I love his passion and wisdom. When he shares his own experiences, I feel Continue reading “People Are Talking: Another Testimonial!”

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