Rekindle Extreme Passion

Disclaimer: I am NOT endorsing or promoting this product!  I am promoting the freedom!

I am sharing this video with you all because it captures a side of life that few of us get to experience.  I am sure at least one of these extreme activities will resonate with you as “something I always wanted to do.”  Whether its’ sky diving, rock climbing, flying or one of my own wishes, to Continue reading “Rekindle Extreme Passion”

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The Secret Your Mind Doesn’t Want You To Know About

So, you pull a piece of paper out when you have to jot down a number shouting, “wait wait wait…uh.. let me get something to write this down.”  You grab a sticky note to write your shopping list items.  You take notes in class that you, honestly, have no intentions of revisiting in the future.   Do we really give writing its fair share in our lives?  Writing is a powerful thinking tool.  The two greatest Continue reading “The Secret Your Mind Doesn’t Want You To Know About”

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