Do The Death Crawl For Your Future: Another Testimonial!

“Michael Deer has inspired me to never give up. He reminds me of the coach from, Facing The Giants when he made one of his most potential players do the death crawl across the field. The coach saw in that player what the player did not see in himself and all the coach did was reveal it and bring it out of him. To me that’s what’s happening every time we speak. Since the time we began our sessions, I have been speaking with a little more authority, stepping up a little more when speaking with others whether authority figures or not, and believe that what I have to say is important, genuine, and valid. I am beginning to notice courage in various areas of my life. I also see the importance of leadership and teamwork coupled together. I notice who a leader really is and the areas of improvement that I am acting on. Michael, I thank you thus far and look forward to the ending results.”
-Ciara Thomas, Nutrition Specialist, N.Y.C. New York

Let’s add another great story to both of our lives. Let’s work on your next goal.

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