4 Things You Must Do Strong

We each have different strengths and weaknesses in our lives, yet there are four things which every human being must absolutely do with strength, if they are going to have an existence worth living.  Even if you are not a muscle head or have exceptional upper body strength, you (and I) have the internal power to do these four things:

DREAM STRONG – When does something start to exist?  Once we see it or once the thought of it is conceived?  You guessed it!  The dreamers rule the World, because they are the first to crack open the fresh box of possibilities.  You are a dreamer too, or at least have a dreamer buried within you.  You want to practice dreaming until they are so strong that you feel they’re real.  “Until your dreams become real to you, they will never become real to you.”  Dream so strong that no one can kill your potential & possibilities.

LOVE STRONG – What is the purpose of life?  Is it to get the biggest and best things for yourself or is it to leave this World better than the way it was when you were born?  To embark on the latter requires, courage, resources, a plan, and most of all—LOVE.  Love looks at the needs of others and not on things of itself.  Love is the power that will send you into the places where people don’t want to go; In fact, the places where people are running from.   For a life filled with purpose and fulfillment, seek to add value to others without wavering or wondering if you should.

LIVE STRONG – A life without passion is not a life at all.  It’s an existence.  You’re just taking up space and oxygen.  Be passionate about living.  Don’t just live within a box. Bravely push the boundaries.  Turn up the temperature and light the fire that makes you vibrant and radiant.  No one likes to be around mediocre people for too long.  We thrive by connecting with passionate people.  This is because we light our passions with the light of their own.

LEAD STRONG – After you’ve mastered the living part, it’s time to start thinking about a legacy.  It’s time to lead.  It’s been said that if you are leading and no one is following you, you’re really just taking a long walk.  Lead from a place of strength, and commitment to gain the respect of others.   We are naturally attracted to people of passion; those who are committed to a cause, subject, or movement.  Be that person and you will sense the magnetism at work in your own life. You must lead by focusing on your strengths.

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