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Michael Deer

Michael Deer is New York’s very own conference speaker and author of motivational books.  His passion is helping Dreamers materialize their dreams.  He has a unique style of presenting his  insightful workshops, engaging any audience with both passion and humor.  Among the organizations and clients:

Monroe High School For Business & Law – Bronx, N.Y.

Time Warner Cable & R.D.R.C., Queens, N.Y.

Quantum Legacy Group – New York, N.Y.

New York Business Consultants Academy – N.Y.C.,N.Y.

Small Business Symposium – New York, N.Y.

South Carolina State University – Orangeburg, S.C.

Queens Public Library & N.Y.P.D. – Queens, N.Y.

Topics Inspired By His Books


UNLEASHED: Materialize The Visions Within You:  There is a systematic step-by-step method to creating.  Let Michael show you how, in this unique presentation and seminar.

Master Your Money Mindset:  This Financial Workshop Inspired by the book, explores the secret to making more & keeping more money while turning debt into wealth.

Find Your Life Purpose: Michael explains how we merely exist until we come alive through discovering our purpose.

Develop Winning Leadership Skills:  If you’re leading and no one is following, you’re just going for a lonely walk.  Michael shares the definition of Leadership and tips to effectively lead any personality type.

How To Double Your Productivity In 30 Days! He teaches some techniques to gather the resources of the mind and develop the right relationship with time.


Other Requested Topics

7 Steps From Dreamer To Influencer: Every great work begins with a dream.  Michael, who has helped dreamers fulfill their goals, will show you how to make your dreams a reality.

Be Unstoppable Limits are self imposed. Technically, there are no limits that cannot be worked around. In this talk, we will discuss the skills and mindsets that will make you truly unstoppable.

It’s Easy Dealing With Difficult People There is no such thing as a difficult person.  Only human beings with different values and passions.  Michael will share keys to relating to both the individual and team.

Your Challenges Are Your Defining Moments Your life is not determined by what happens to you, but by how you respond.  Learn how your challenges are the actually trying to help you succeed.

Make Every Day Count:  Hold on to your seats as Michael shares 7 Keys to having a Victorious week.





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